Purchase Cambro Storage And Serving Equipment To Assist With Your Catering Business

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Purchase Cambro Storage And Serving Equipment To Assist With Your Catering Business

If you graduated from a culinary school and have chosen to use your education to assist with opening your own catering business, food storage and serving solutions that are versatile and insulated are a must. Purchase a set of Cambro equipment that will allow you to handle and preserve food safely prior to and during an event that you are serving food at.

Consider A Matching Set

Your attention to detail will express your professionalism at each formal or informal gathering that you attend. A matching set of storage containers and serving trays will also help you keep track of all of the pieces in your ensemble while you are out and about.

After purchasing containers and trays, you will no longer need to be concerned that you have left something behind at a public venue or private residence. Simply count the storage and serving pieces that you will be bringing along with you to your next catered affair.

At the end of the event, take note if all of the storage and serving pieces are nearby so that you can efficiently pack up extra food, dishes, and accessories before heading on the road. 

Choose A Size And Style

The magnitude of your catering operation will help you choose a suitable size and style of the storage and serving pieces. If you serve both cold and hot meals, several front or top loading insulated containers will be necessary.

Some Cambro storage containers are stackable. This feature will allow you to transport several containers at once if you plan on using a handcart to wheel everything into the public or private venue where you will serving food. Purchase a serving cart that contains shelves and built-in compartments. An under-the-counter cart will be useful if you are going to cooking most of the food on site.

Wheel the cart underneath one of the counters in the kitchen where you will be preparing food and beverages and place insulated trays on top of each shelf once you have finished preparing and cooking the dishes. Use the built-in compartments as a handy storage solution for condiments, silverware, and napkins.

Purchase Deep Dish Serving Trays

If you will be serving large quantities of each cooked and chilled food item, deep dish serving trays that contain lids will maintain an even temperature while the foods are being transported. The deep dish trays will also be a useful aid if you plan on setting up a buffet-style table for the guests to retrieve the food items from. 

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