Different Types Of Popular Breads To Stock The Shelves With

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Different Types Of Popular Breads To Stock The Shelves With

If you are looking for popular breads to stock your shelves with, then you want to make sure you carry more than just white and wheat. There are a lot of different types of breads, and your customers will appreciate being able to purchase the different types of breads they want all at one location. Different breads can be used to create different types of meals, so it's important to do as good of a job of catering to your customers as you can. Here are some of the various types of more specialty breads that you are going to want to consider stocking your shelves with:

French bread – French bread is a great bread for many different meals. It can be used as an accent to a great meal, it can be turned into a good garlic bread, a cheese bread, or a dipping bread. French bread has a semi-tough outside and a very soft inside.

Ciabatta bread – Ciabatta bread is an Italian bread that's a bit of a tougher bread with a nice flavor that makes it a good choice for all different kinds of sandwiches. It can be great for warmed sandwiches, as well as ones that are served cold. The crispy outside of this bread is one of the things that makes it popular with those who are looking for a good toasted sandwich bread.

Croissant – Croissant rolls are extremely popular, and they have a special shape to them that makes them easy to spot. They have a bit of a sweeter taste to them than most other types of bread and a flaky exterior. Croissants can be used as breakfast breads or to make light and fluffy lunch or dinner sandwiches.

Sourdough bread – Sourdough bread is a type of white bread that has a unique flavor to it, which is a bit sour. Many people like to eat sourdough bread with their dinner by adding a bit of butter on it. Sourdough bread can also be used to make a variety of sandwiches that have even more flavor to them.

Baguettes – Baguettes are long and thin bread loaves that have a crispy outside and a softer inside. They can be eaten in different ways. A popular way to eat them is to slice them into thick rounds then put a topping on them, such as butter or cream cheese. They can also be used to make small sandwiches, or they can be cut up into small pieces that are dried for croutons.

For more information, contact a local bread supplier.

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