Hosting A Productive Lunch Meeting: Four Helpful Tips

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Hosting A Productive Lunch Meeting: Four Helpful Tips

Whether you are hosting an all-day meeting where lunch will be served or you want to host a working lunch meeting, arranging the schedule and catering can be essential to keeping the meeting productive. Work with your catering company, and use the following ideas to keep your meeting on track.

Schedule Break Times

You'll want to give your catering company time to set up and clean up during the meeting without disturbing any important conversations. To achieve this goal, schedule a restroom break just before lunch is to be served. Allow at least 20 minutes for this break, as this should give everyone the time they need to get up from their seats, use the restroom, and check emails as necessary. Schedule a similar break to follow the meal so the catering company can clean up.

Serve Mess-Free Foods

You won't want food to drip or spill on reports and important documents, so take this into account when planning the meeting. Select salads instead of soups, and choose sandwiches for an easy-to-eat option. If you prefer to serve heartier fare, consider pastas with white sauces, such as fettuccine al fredo or gourmet macaroni and cheese. Talk to your catering company about choosing menu items that are geared toward corporate working lunches.

Have Beverages Available All Day

If your meeting will be an all-day event, be sure to keep plenty of beverages available throughout the day. You can have your catering company bring in coffee and pastries in the morning, and the staff can also set up a table filled with juices, sodas and bottled water. Have insulated ice buckets and glasses near the beverage station so everyone can enjoy icy cold drinks, and have the caterers replenish the ice supply at lunchtime.

Offer A Snack

Break the fast between lunch and dinner by having your caterers supply a mid-afternoon snack. This might include a buffet filled with cookies, trail mix, energy bars, and chips. A mix of salty and sweet options can make it easier for everyone to find the option that suits their personal taste preferences. You can also have fun with this idea by having your caterers set up an ice cream sundae bar for a rewarding way to begin wrapping up your workday.

Be sure to make arrangements with your corporate catering company well in advance so you can be sure that everything is already arranged when the day of the meeting rolls around. Contact a restaurant that caters, like Uncle Bub's BBQ, Catering & More, for more help.

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