3 Important Questions To Ask Your Valentine Before Handing Over A Box Of Assorted Chocolate Truffles

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3 Important Questions To Ask Your Valentine Before Handing Over A Box Of Assorted Chocolate Truffles

It's a day filled with loves, hugs, and kisses, but Valentine's Day is also a day filled with one particular sweet treat: chocolate. If you are like most lovers this upcoming Valentine's Day, you will head out well before the big day to pick out that perfect box of chocolatey goodness for your precious, and it will likely be in the form of some assorted truffles. Opting for a variety box seems to be the safest bet because. after all, the recipient can simply skip over those they don't like.

However, wouldn't it be a better idea to find out what your lover prefers in their chocolate truffles, instead of handing them over a variety box filled partially with those they don't like? Here's a short list of questions you can use to find out just what delights your Valentine's sweet tooth. 

Nuts or No Nuts?

Almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts, you can find all kinds of different nuts in an assorted box of truffles. Nuts can be a preference for some who love a little crunch, but some people don't like nuts in their chocolate at all. Even worse, some are allergic to nuts. Make sure you find out if your Valentine feels like a nut, or if they just don't. 

Fruity or Not Fruity?

Pretty much every box of assorted truffles is going to have a fruity nougat piece tucked into one of the little trays or golden liners. Some people love the tanginess of fruit flavors paired with chocolate, but some people take one nibble and put the fruity truffle back. To avoid wasted chocolate, because wasted chocolate is NEVER a good thing, make sure you ask if your Valentine admires the combination of fruit with their chocolate. 

White, Milk, or Dark Chocolate?

There are those easy-to-please chocolate fans that adore chocolate of every type, whether it is stark white with a mild flavor or deep dark with intense richness. However, not everyone likes every kind of chocolate. That box of assorted truffles in a mixed array of shades of brown and white may be pleasing to the eye, but when it is your love you want to please, it is better to ask what they prefer personally. 

Chewy or Not Chewy?

Some truffles are filled with fondant, some with nougat. You may even find some that have chewy fruit centers. But this chewy texture does not suit every truffle-eater's tastebuds, so make sure you ask beforehand, so you can avoid the chewiness in the box of chocolates you hand over.

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